Women On Board! – The Last Mile Story

Author : Geetha NT

The old order changeth….

Over the past three decades there is a tremendous increase in the number of women at workplace. This has not only brought several positive changes in workplace environment but has also forced organizations to look more closely at the problems of employees in general, and women in particular.


Today, stating that women are equal contributors and participants in the workplace is only stating the obvious. Women are willing and able partners and leaders in all work environments, spanning industries and functions. Most often, there are no specific changes which any employer needs to make in order to accommodate women employees. However, it is a fact that organisations which sensitise their environments to suit this band of their workforce benefit from a reciprocal feeling of increased ownership and loyalty.


…And gives way to the new.

My name is Geetha, and I head HR and Admin at Last Mile. I have been working here since December 2013. Last Mile gave me an opportunity to rebuild my career after a break of 10 years.  I started work with the company as a part time employee; I had to then take a 6 month sabbatical due to family commitments. I came back to full time work after that, refreshed and renewed.


This ability of a company to accommodate different ways of working, whether flexi time, part time, work from home or even a complete short break, is what helps in building a supportive structure for women employees. It is a reality that usually, women face more conflict than men do between work and home To bridge this gap, women look for flexibility. Work Life balance is not something that just happens. It involves the efforts of the employee, the organization for which the she works and the family.


Last Mile welcomes women who come back to work after a career break due to maternity or other family related reasons. Our work policies are tuned to the special needs and requirements of women. Flexible working hours, work from home options, extended maternity leave and part time work options for new mothers, ensure that women are able to balance their work and home lives without stress. Women at Last Mile are encouraged to attend training programs, and re-skill and up-skill themselves to help re-build their careers.

We have no glass ceiling. Starting with one of our directors who is a senior IT professional, top roles in Finance and HR are also handled by women.

A company which provide right mix of challenge and support, gives ample opportunities to employees to prove themselves without setting unrealistic expectations has the formula for a happy, contented workforce in place.

Without doubt, everything I have mentioned applies to men and women alike, but in my opinion, these are far more important to, and valued by women, and we at Last Mile recognize the fact.


Written By Geetha NT