March 31, 2015

People Enablement Programs

As customer demands from testing as a service change, our people enablement services are meant to address the role transformations we can bring into the workforce. Customised to organisations, our solutions address the different capabilities that testers are to acquire as they progress in their career. Designed with the help of industry experts, backed by our pedagogy that is completely case study oriented, we offer blended (e-learning & [web] classroom) programs delivered by industry experts.

The programs cover all aspects of the roles covering Test Strategy, Design, Optimization, Planning & Governance, Processes and Standards, Tools & Automation. The programs are modularised and delivered in short intensive bursts, which allow the participants to practise, implement and experience the concepts addressed in the sessions.

Our assessment methodology, assess candidates at different levels of expertise, and on their ability to synthesise the knowledge gained, analyse situations in which the knowledge can be applied, and apply the concepts to different situations. The assessments are formative and summative and are on the back of domain centric case studies.

Our Learning Management Portal, can be accessed across different devices, 24 x and manages the entire student lifecycle from registration to assessment. Our acclaimed learning credit model, allows the learner to learn at their pace and yet meet the role demands.

Our effective analytics provides the organisation into  student learning patterns and insights that can help them realign learners to their strengths.

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