March 31, 2015

Test Design


  • Improved Coverage
  • Risk Based Analysis
  • Business Process Led
  • Customer Experience Focused

The customizable Last Mile framework and processes can offer efficient methodologies to deliver your complex projects seamlessly.


Test Optimisation
Standardizing and optimizing processes and tools and adopting lean test practices will help to focus testing resources on the most critical areas thereby optimizing the test effort. Last Mile’s team will help introduce Risk Based Testing Services and test optimisation using Orthogonal Arrays to help optimise the test cases without compromising coverage thus reducing the need for expensive post-launch patching, and improving ROI.

Model Based Testing
Test case documentation is one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive components of any the software test lifecycle. The ability to create test cases, matrix them to requirements and design, and link them for impact should things change, creates a big pile of repositories which get wieldy to use.

Model based testing is a methodology and IT toolset designed to accelerate the creation of test scripts shifting the creation of tests as much to the left of the development lifecycle as possible, with inputs from users, business analysts and designers. The tools let users describe the system under test using process models which then automate the generation of test cases. Since this approach is supported by automation tools, further time savings can be achieved by automating test execution. Last Mile’s team of domain based testing experts can help bring in the benefits of model based testing into your organisation through COTS implementations that not just change the way you approach testing, but can reduce your testing costs by as much as 30%.