March 31, 2015

Test Competency Management


  • Uniform Role Descriptions
  • Competency Assessment
  • Right Hiring
  • Learning Aligned To KRAs

The customizable Last Mile framework and methodologies can offer effective assessment and thereby deliver result oriented analysis to meet your complex requirements.

Organization Capability Framework Definition
Common, consistent description of skills, knowledge and abilities required from various roles in the test organization is required for recruitment, retention and career growth of the staff. This also helps organizations uphold and strengthen professional standards and support themselves and their customers better. Last Mile can help you define your test organization capability framework that encompasses all aspects for technical, functional/domain, management, behavioural as well as specialized skills that are required for the organization in a very practical manner. We take a very holistic view of capability and look at all dimensions of capability required for a particular role. If there is an existing model in place, we can help audit, refine and improve the model. The outcome is a robust framework that applies to all roles within the test organization and can be used by testing staff that will help in growth and achievement of individuals as well as groups within the organization

Organisation Capability Build Up
Last Mile helps test organizations build capabilities in specific niche areas in testing that covers a gamut of topics , tools and techniques that spans domains like telecom, BFSI etc. In addition, we provide transformational services that are aimed at addressing specific skill gaps and enabling individuals to grow within the test organization through periodic learning inventions. Capability build up is delivered as a combination of contact sessions, self-paced e-learning sessions, support sessions and certifying capabilities for performing the identified roles through periodic assessments.

Organisation Capability Assessment
The Last Mile Capability Assessment for test organizations helps in establishing baselines for various competencies, hiring, succession planning, performance management and workforce planning. Assessments can be tailored based on the organizational capability framework, alternately standard assessments can be administered for each of the required competencies. Assessments are a combination of formative as well as summative assessments that will assess the individual’s ability to apply concepts in a meaningful way. Assessments are typically administered over the Last Mile Learning management system. Detailed reports at individual level and organization level helps organizations assess their skill gap and evolve strategies to address the gaps through training/hiring etc