March 31, 2015

Test ALM

Opensource has become mainstream and adoption across all industry segments driving the need for integrated Opensource solutions. Opensource tools have hit high maturity curves – both in types and adoption and cover the entire Application Lifecycle. The tools are great, they do what they are focused to do well, the challenge however is the lack of tightly coupled integration between related toolsets.

 Last Mile Consultant’s TestALM – allows you to manage Agile user stories, link it to tests, link tests to automated scripts, and link execution data to defects. An analytics engine gives you powerful, customizable analytics that allow you to drill down test results along different dimensions.

The Opensource based TestALM is designed – not to tamper with the functionalities offered by existing Opensource tools, but to enhance it to make it interoperable. With both upstream and downstream integration, you are now able to provide traceability right from your user stories up until the defect. So go forth, build user stories and tests, automate them, log defects and most importantly MANAGE them. Key features include :

– Single Sign-On Feature to ensure seamless carryover of privileges
– Track User stories from requirements, through to tests to defects that impact its progress
– Automate in tools of your choice, link automated test scripts to tests and kick off an automated run and view results on completion
– Track defects across the entire spectrum of assurance activities – from reviews to tests
– Link builds to test suites and track results in real time
– Derive analytics using Opensource BI tools – customized to your needs

OpenSource ALM






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