Customer Experience – And Tweets!

Our marketing sucks! We once put down a series of tweets (140 character limit – then) around customer experience! I don’t think we played this back at all. I find that this is still so relevant in the current context of releasing fast, focus on customer experience, that I thought it was apt to wipe Read more about Customer Experience – And Tweets![…]

Some Test Organizational Challenges Faced – It’s Never Too Late To Learn!!

One part of what we do, at Last Mile is to meet with organisations, and spend time with their testing teams (leadership to execution folks) with a view to getting insights into the issues and problems they face. These discussions are usually open discussions, spent understanding their organisation, and sharing our views and observations, having Read more about Some Test Organizational Challenges Faced – It’s Never Too Late To Learn!![…]

Last Mile Features On GoodFirms.Co

Last Mile Consultants is a boutique software testing company, well established in the area of process & test automation, and now also specialising in the field of customer experience and security testing. Run by industry veterans, they combine the advantage of varied pan-sector experience with the weight of technical acumen and knowledge. Their testing expertise  Read more about Last Mile Features On GoodFirms.Co[…]

Testing As The First Activity Of A Release…

The French have a good way of putting it “Plus ca çhange, plus c’est la même” (The more it changes, the more it remains the same!) – and that seems to be the constant battle that I hear being played out w.r.t testing. At conferences one hears the constant moans about testing (and testers) being Read more about Testing As The First Activity Of A Release…[…]

The Tester’s Kaleidoscope into The Internet Of Things

Our tomorrow is on us today! We are feeling the initial effects of that inter-connected world, where our watch nags us into doing things – be it waking up or exercising or going off for meetings. I used to be called a beep driven life form at one time, since my alarm on my old Read more about The Tester’s Kaleidoscope into The Internet Of Things[…]

Customer Experience Testing

In recent times, we have seen a marked change in customer experience. What stands out significantly is that the (or even a) customer’s interaction with their business is through a variety of platforms — social, mobile, the cloud. As testing managers of today, we have to change with the times without compromising on our principle Read more about Customer Experience Testing[…]