March 31, 2015

Specialized Programs

Last Mile works closely with industry thought leaders and is able to present a series of  customisable programs that can reach out to varied sections within organisations. The courses are designed to be transformational in nature, covering the various competencies that a software tester needs to have, as (s)he progresses in their career path. They are designed to be experiential, taking real life project situations and helping them add key skills around
– Process Competencies
– Tools & Technology Competencies
– Behavioural Competencies

Our focus is on enriching the learning experience through a case study led approach. Our offerings, customised to the domain, and delivered through a combination of e-learning and face-to-face constructs, are built keeping in mind the industry outlook and trends.

Last Mile workshops are –

  • Tailored learning initiatives
  • Case study led workshops to instil concepts
  • Designed  by thought leaders in the industry
  • Customised for the domain keeping industry needs in mind

At all stages, candidates are assessed through a combination of assignments, and assessments to reinforce the concepts. Some or all are designed to lead to Industry recognised certifications.  We take extra care in ensuring the program content meets the overall expectation of the team. Some of the key programs are: