Software Testing continues to be on healthy growth !!

Was reading an assessment and forecast report which states that spending on Software Testing has been growing by an estimated ~ 7-8% which is more than 3 times the overall IT Services spending across the world.Factors seems to be largely centralization of testing function by the clients and adoption of factory-based delivery with India being the core delivery hub.

The “New Offerings” that is catching up in the industry as per the report is Data-related offerings, Mobile Application Testing, ERP and COTS Testing Services, QA & Consulting Services, support services such as Test Environment Management, Test Data Management etc.

With the increase in business demand into niche areas, it is imperative to keep the competency and knowledge level high to be able to compete. The coming days seems to be more challenging and let us watch & see…

– By,
Anil Balan
Last Mile Consultants