We offer specific point services that can help the test team or test organisation in a multiplicity of ways.

Our offerings range from the following :

  • Test Design Reviews
    • We help our clients perform specific design reviews where we can assess the coverage of the tests for the context of a specific release and provide you with insights into additional coverage elements that may be appropriate
  • Test Solutioning
    • We provide specific help in helping you build your testing solution for medium to large test outsourcing bids. Our experience and expertise in having managed large engagements, interacted with CxOs across different organisations and providing you with a critical “outside the organisation” perspective can help you position your bid to be a winning one
  • Test Program Management
    • We help rescue Code Red engagements. We provide expertise in terms of being able to focus on the critical business processes, redeploy the resources in a more effective manner, and bring in the right analytics and insights into the risks you have to be able to move towards a better managed outcome.

When a product or application or a service goes live, the customer’s perception or experience with the processes is what makes or breaks the success of the launch. The business processes involved, the readiness of the staff that will interact with the customer are all elements that come into play.

Last Mile’s team of experts can help you run business process led end to end testing services that take into account pre-launch preparedness, operational readiness and the experience across key customer touch points to help identify points of failure in not just the application, but supporting processes well.

We help our customers define a customer experience framework that takes into account the business and operational CTQ’s (critical to quality characteristics) and align the testing effort to measure the extent to which these CTQ’s are met.

SocialMedia Mobility

Our mobile application testing services ensure that the customers application works as intended on the mobile devices they are supposed to work on – regardless of operating systems like iOS and Android, various screen sizes, resolutions, hardware, carriers etc. We cover handset testing, applications, content, game testing , website testing etc. We also provide automation solutions in the mobile application testing space for iOS and android platforms.


Our automation services allow our customers to build custom automation solutions that are best suited to their business needs. We help our customers in building and implementing automation frameworks, migrating existing frameworks to different platforms as well as script tests.
Our Opensource ALM solution (TestALM) integrating various toolsets like Testlink, Selenium, Sahi, Kunagi, Bugzilla, Jenkins and Kunagi provides a cost effective way of achieving our customer’ testing goals. This solution can be provided as a hosted solution or even installed as a product with due customisation.