April 11, 2016

SMAC Readiness

The convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, whilst creating opportunities to launch and change the product mix and the way the services are delivered, also brings with it the challenges due to the vagaries of the different technologies. Each of these areas comes with its own set of unique challenges – be it locational, multi-device compatibility, or web services led.

Our client, a startup whose mission it is to provide SaaS based learning platforms, had a challenge in that their next set of changes to the website upset a lot of the core functionality. Additionally, the access to the platform by different users could be across a wide variety of mobile devices. Coupled with the fact that their cloud architecture needed to ensure application scalability when the need arose.

Our test team, keeping in mind their time to market considerations, devised strategies that cut across the multiple layers of testing, bringing multi device testing, cloud performance testing to the fore. In addition, we accelerated their test coverage through judicious automation that enabled the playback of multiple scenarios across a variety of browsers and devices.

We, at Last Mile, with our pragmatic outlook towards testing, can help you accelerate your testing weighing your Time To Market or cost needs against the risks surrounding localization, performance, security & usability (in addition to functionality) across multiple devices, browsers and OS’s,

Add, latency, failover, capacity and scalability checks before releases can be made, and we provide an entire gamut of services to assure you of SMAC readiness.