March 31, 2015

QA Transformation

We, at Last Mile, recognize the changing QA landscape. The constant onus on processes, systems, tools and people to be able to deliver higher quality, faster and at a reduced cost.

We recognize that in this changing landscape, you need help and support at different intervals, and we are there to help in

  • Agile Transformation : We can manage and guide your testing teams to better integrate into the Agile world, be in a position to articulate and uphold the definition of done, be able to better estimate during Poker sessions, strategise, prioritise and optimize tests based on risks, and provide the right levels of reporting to enable release decisions.


  • Outsourcing Management :Choosing sourcing solutions that maximize business value requires a mature sourcing strategy, well considered partner selection, backed by the right governance structures. Learn how Last Mile consultants can help you achieve business flexibility through right sourcing.


  • Center of ExcellenceWe can help you at different stages of your Center Of Excellence – be it in the ability to improve the productivity of your teams, rationalize your cost structure or strategise and design to deliver improved quality. Our customizable “Last Mile TCoE framework” can offer this and more to setup and mature your test organization quickly.


  • Competency Management : The Last Mile team of learning and assessment consultants can help you assess your existing skills base; and help you right-skill your organization based on your business needs.


  • Delivery AssuranceLast Mile can help you manage your key test programs, aligning them to business objectives, driving the engagements with mature delivery processes, higher quality & reducing delivery risks.