Test Assessments

If you are new to outsourcing or are considering outsourcing, Last Mile Consultants can help you right from defining the business need for outsourcing, to identifying areas that could be candidates for outsourcing, to creating RFP’s & selecting vendors as potential partners. We also assist you in managing the transition of the engagement.

If you are already outsourcing your test function through ODC’s, Last Mile Consultants can help you manage your partners more effectively through program management of critical test processes; evaluating the effectiveness of your partner’s processes / skills; aligning your Quality Assurance processes (internal to your organisation and the partner’s organisations) to ensure end-to-end accountability; defining a standard set of processes for all your partners to operate under; and manage your end-to-end test process through effective analytics and reports with a road map for improvement.

As you move your Quality Assurance function from a time and material type of engagement to a managed services engagement, there comes a need to align organizational units, tools, processes, and the mindset of the people involved to realize the strategy. Last Mile’s consultants can help you transform your organization by setting up the right set of processes and standards, helping define teams and their skills requirements; hiring the right candidates; recommending and implementing the right set of tools to manage the test process; and managing the people and process change aspects required for the realignment. We also put in place a set of analytics that allow you to assess the benefits of the change, through operational and organisational scorecards.