April 11, 2016

Performance Testing

Our client, a pioneer and innovator in digital marketing, was in the process of reengineering its back end process to cater to increased volumes of traffic. It hoped to move all its customers in phases to the new platform, which could help it manage its data, distribution and customers in an integrated way.

As a part of this reengineering work, they needed early warning signs on the ability of the platform to handle the web service volumes that they anticipated. Last Mile, performed two rounds of performance tests, where we simulated different requests / response patterns, simulating a load of upto 1000 users.

We also helped our client analyse the existing load pattern, and helped them baseline acceptable response times.

We simulated the load from multiple geographical locations, and created the right set of monitors to monitor all aspects of the webservers, application servers and databases.

Our reports highlighting critical issues in memory management, and in the way the index searches were set up, helped their development and environments team gear up with the right capacity hardware and the necessary tweaks before going live.