Organisations on the road to transforming their workforce, need to understand and baseline the core
competencies required to achieve their business objectives. They need to ensure an adequate coverage
of domain, design, technology, management and execution skills across the different levels of the organization. Our definition and assessment services help organisations map their existing competencies; identify and define their future capability needs; align them to business needs; determine the gaps and help you address these gaps.

As in the case of one customer, who needed to transform his workforce towards Agile, needed, we discovered that the job definitions across all levels were out dated, and not in sync with their recruitment practices or even their business demands.

We helped them define the right set of competencies that they needed across all levels, which could serve as a platform to assess their current workforce, and also a template against which their hiring & training strategies could be based.

We then assessed their work force capabilities (through formative and summative assessments) against the targeted needs, identified the gaps, at individual, unit and organizational level, and helped them build a plan to address those shortcomings through on-the-job exposure as well as learning interventions.

Last Mile’s Transformation programs have been designed to address the role progression at levels of a tester’s career. Starting from his or her evolution from Tester to a Test Analyst, to a Test Lead or a Test Architect and thereon to a Test Manager, the programs ensure that the right set of skills are available to them to ensure that they can perform their roles to the optimum. The programs are aligned to the typical roles performed by Analysts, the Test Leads, Test Architects and Managers in the IT industry and can be customised with specific organisational focus.

It focusses on all aspects of the roles covering Techniques, Processes and Standards, Tools & Automation, Management and Soft Skills that eventually leads to transformation into a particular role. The programs are modularised and delivered in short intensive bursts, which allow the participants to practise, implement and experience the concepts addressed in the sessions.

  • Our approach to training is through a framework:
  • Designed with inputs from industry experts
  • Structured courses that cover classroom & e-learning constructs, and is case-study and assignment led
  • Limited hours of learning modules per day
  • Spread over a learning period
  • Content customized to organizational role definitions
  • Tailored to suit different domains
  • Enhanced learning retention through Quizzes, Tests, Pre & Post Assessments

The learning programs being transformational in nature – cover the entire set of roles from Tester to Test Program manager.

The interactive sessions with experienced faculty and the frequency with which assignments and assessments are administered will ensure that learning does not stop with the classroom. The weekly support sessions – where one will have access to the faculty outside the classroom will help one to overcome any challenges that they may face while applying the concepts learnt in your project /assignment context.

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