Delivery Assurance

DA Delivery assurance, has been defined as a methodology employed in projects to monitor the project process to provide a clear indication of the status of that project at any given time. Taking that in the technical direction, and with release assurance being the core focus, our Technical Delivery Assurance service helps create an early warning mechanism on software quality.

What we do is understand the context of the release and assure ourselves on the

  • Solution appropriateness and relevance to the business needs/outcomes expected
  • Ability to be delivered in time?
  • Appropriate use of the technology (for automation)
  • Organizational readiness – Are the people prepared and ready?
  • Process appropriateness
  • System readiness – Will the systems meet the requirements of the business?
  • Risks – Organizational risks, customer related risks, development process risks & product risks, release risks


We do this through both, in-process checks and post process deliverable reviews. We set in place an early warning reporting framework that encapsulates the risks highlighted through the Technical Delivery Assurance function and ensure that remedial actions / improvements are carried out by the respective teams. We work with you to ensure that this function can be carried forward by your teams to support the delivery process.

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