August 21, 2016

Delivery Assurance



As a part of our delivery assurance services, we undertake :


Program Risk Analysis

When a program is heading for failure, it usually means that indicators to failure have either been disregarded or unanalysed. Risk analysis is usually multi-dimensional, complete when one looks not just at project risks, but also at associated product risks.

Our risk analysis service helps organisations track project and product risks and are able to provide a holistic view keeping in mind the different stakeholders involved. The service is designed to assess current risks, ensure its tracking, and create a mechanism for predicting future risks and actions thereof, thus putting the majority of the planning into managing risks upfront in the program rather than at the point of failure.


Release Readiness Audits

We undertake release readiness assessments of critical go-live applications or products. Our assessments cover :

  • Go live achievement risks, covering Timeline risks; Planning risks; Defects trends assessment
  • Business Process Coverage & Testing assessment, covering business coverage achieved, coverage across test levels, business impact of defects, performance risks , interfaces availability etc.
  • Data Migration assessment, covering migration risks, migration readiness
  • Architecture & Code assessment covering Technical risks, Code readiness
  • Go-Live Preparedness assessment covering Go-Live weekend coverage, critical care coverage, regulatory compliance, support preparedness, support readiness, support coverage and documentation availability
  • Fallback assessment covering fallback readiness, fallback risks