Customer Experience Testing

Our customer’s customer, a leading name in electronics, healthcare and lighting, had kicked off their journey towards building a digital health platform. We at Last Mile, helped our customer to design for them an effective Agile testing strategy, that kept at its heart, the testing of the business process flow that makes up the entire customer experience.

To us, customer experience, does not limit itself to just an interface that is painstakingly developed, tested, regression tested, and moved to production. It covers a gamut of aspects including the processes, the systems, the people, and of course, the different screens a customer uses.

It was this overall experience across all the touch points, and being able to give their customer an indicator of the possible experience the customer was likely to encounter, that formed the basis of the test strategy & thus, release decisions. That combined with a risk based approach to business processes, meant that the strategy we designed looked at an end-to-end user journey, thus giving our customers an insight into what may be potential issues downstream.

The testing was designed such that it could involve different parts of the organization, systems, and processes that were a part of this customer experience and made sure that the entire experience was reflected in the tests.

What we had at the end of the test, was an indicator of not just user experience in parts, but an end to end view of their user’s experience with the product or service, coupled with a statement of the robustness and reliability of the customer touch points, and ranked based on those criteria that were important to the business.


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