The Emotional See-Saw Of A New Back-To-Work Mother

 Author : Thejaswini B Well, hi there. I’m Thejaswini. I am a Test Engineer working for Last Mile, and more relevant to the topic, I am a new back to work mother. In fact, I am a new mother on the whole, our son Vihaan, having just turned one year old last week. After the Read more about The Emotional See-Saw Of A New Back-To-Work Mother[…]

Under The Hood of Testing Big Data Applications

Author : Venkatagiri P The Internet is filled with a lot of information on what big data is, the tools that are used to capture, manage and process big data sets. However, there is limited content available when it comes to devising a test strategy for big data applications or how big data needs to Read more about Under The Hood of Testing Big Data Applications[…]

What Guides Us?

Author : Diwakar Menon Today’s newspaper article about the sentencing of a former VW executive in the now famous Dieselgate scandal, brought back memories of a talk that my colleague Sridhar Parthasarathy gave at QAI’s  Software Testing Conference, back in 2015. [The slides can be accessed here] He raised the bogey of ethics in software Read more about What Guides Us?[…]

Automating Peer-To-Peer Communications (Part 2 of 2)

Author : Tejaswini Simha In the last part we covered the challenges and architectural approaches for automating  the call dispatch workflow for a Push To Talk service provider. In this part, we cover the setup, design & exeuction…. The Setup The test execution server (Machine 1) hosts the Selenium Grid hub and the Appium / Read more about Automating Peer-To-Peer Communications (Part 2 of 2)[…]

Women On Board! – The Last Mile Story

Author : Geetha NT The old order changeth…. Over the past three decades there is a tremendous increase in the number of women at workplace. This has not only brought several positive changes in workplace environment but has also forced organizations to look more closely at the problems of employees in general, and women in particular. Read more about Women On Board! – The Last Mile Story[…]

Automating Peer-to-Peer Communication in Selenium (Part 1 of 2)

Author: Tejaswini Simha At Last Mile, we believe in solving customer problems, even if conventional wisdom says it can not be done. In this series, we discuss how we have gone out and solved specific problems for our customers, oftentimes innovatively, definitely effectually, and have improved their approach and coverage achieved during testing. The Context Read more about Automating Peer-to-Peer Communication in Selenium (Part 1 of 2)[…]

Testing is dying. Should I look for another career?

It has become quite fashionable to stand on podiums and announce “Testing Is  dying!. All of life is going to be automated! There will be no need for testers in the future.” I think reports of testing’s (impending) death are grossly exaggerated! Sure, RPA and AI are displacing people in jobs with repeatable, predictable outcomes. Read more about Testing is dying. Should I look for another career?[…]

The War Within

Quality Is Dead. Long Live Fixes! The Agile, DevOps or DevTestOps transformations are yielding to mindsets of “let’s get the release out at the end of the sprint” ; “Let’s deprecate those functions that we don’t think are ready” ; “Let’s bother about technical debt later” ; “Let’s equip ourselves to fix it, should it Read more about The War Within[…]

Last Mile Features On GoodFirms.Co

Last Mile Consultants is a boutique software testing company, well established in the area of process & test automation, and now also specialising in the field of customer experience and security testing. Run by industry veterans, they combine the advantage of varied pan-sector experience with the weight of technical acumen and knowledge. Their testing expertise  Read more about Last Mile Features On GoodFirms.Co[…]