Crystal Gazing – A Look At Trends In Software Testing (2017)

Given the Indian penchant for ‘Chai’, let’s do a bit of tasseomancy and gaze into those tea leaves for a bit of an understanding of where we at Last Mile believe that the testing industry will be trending towards. Let’s get some of the obvious out of the way first. From  a process perspective, speed[…]

(Inter)Connected Connundrums

Today, you can’t open a newspaper (leave alone a technical journal) without reading something about how the future will be ‘connected’ – one only  needs to think of something before it is done. I am not very sure that that is such an unalloyed blessing as the articles make it out to be. Don’t get[…]

Waiting For The Last Moment

There is a fridge magnet that says “If it wasn’t for the Last Moment, nothing would get done!”.  Nothing could be truer in a lot of situations we find ourselves in – except it shouldn’t be true in critical business releases! There have been a fair number of instances, when very close to release day,[…]

The Tester’s Commodisation Trap

Working with large services providers, where just about every type of IT service is offered, an unfortunate fallout was the tough time we used to have differentiating our services from others in the eyes of the customer. Every call used to end with a “so can you tell me how are you different from company[…]

Testing As The First Activity Of A Release…

The French have a good way of putting it “Plus ca çhange, plus c’est la même” (The more it changes, the more it remains the same!) – and that seems to be the constant battle that I hear being played out w.r.t testing. At conferences one hears the constant moans about testing (and testers) being[…]

Customer Experience Testing

In recent times, we have seen a marked change in customer experience. What stands out significantly is that the (or even a) customer’s interaction with their business is through a variety of platforms — social, mobile, the cloud. As testing managers of today, we have to change with the times without compromising on our principle[…]

Test Automation Framework Development

The Business Need: The client, a global product company catering to leading financial institutions and banks, wanted to address their immediate need of automating high priority test cases. The company, realizing that a business critical product rollout of this magnitude faced challenges in the area of testing, was looking for a solution in the automation[…]