Customer Experience – And Tweets!

Our marketing sucks! We once put down a series of tweets (140 character limit – then) around customer experience! I don’t think we played this back at all. I find that this is still so relevant in the current context of releasing fast, focus on customer experience, that I thought it was apt to wipe Read more about Customer Experience – And Tweets![…]

The Design Of Everyday Tests

(Title Inspired By Donald Norman’s book – The Design Of Everyday Things) I had an opportunity recently to attend  a Design Thinking workshop by David Webster of IDEO. Amongst the attendees that comprised Product Managers, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, there was me, the lone software test consultant. Most people there built, I helped design better tests Read more about The Design Of Everyday Tests[…]

The Sameness Of The Same!

We recently interacted with two customers – one a product company that had a set of legacy products, with not sufficient product knowledge across the teams, but were, however, continuing to deliver product releases. The teams had to deal with regular releases every three months, and the perception was that the lack of adequate testing Read more about The Sameness Of The Same![…]

CEx – the basis for customer relationship?

– by Anil Balan Why CEx? Customer Experience (CEx) is the  sum of all interactions between a brand and a customer over the duration of their relationship. The need for delivering a great experience in customer servicing is very well understood –  35% of Amazon’s revenue is driven by recommendations; 75% of users select movies based Read more about CEx – the basis for customer relationship?[…]

Some Test Organizational Challenges Faced – It’s Never Too Late To Learn!!

One part of what we do, at Last Mile is to meet with organisations, and spend time with their testing teams (leadership to execution folks) with a view to getting insights into the issues and problems they face. These discussions are usually open discussions, spent understanding their organisation, and sharing our views and observations, having Read more about Some Test Organizational Challenges Faced – It’s Never Too Late To Learn!![…]

Software Testers – Going the way of Dinosaurs?

Are testers a dying breed, destined for extinction?- A perspective by Lakshmy Usha Why testers are not required The industry’s need for software testing professionals is constantly evolving. Time-to-market has become even more critical with applications being delivered in very short time frames of 3-6 weeks in different platforms and operating systems. In such situations, Read more about Software Testers – Going the way of Dinosaurs?[…]

Part-2: Cyber-Defence Modelled on Immune Systems

How an Immune System Works I believe that a cyber-defence system would be more effective if it borrows more heavily from how biology handles the namesake attack.  ( In Part 1, we highlighted the problem with cyber-defence systems based on a military metaphor. You can read  Part 1: here ) In biology, the body’s immune Read more about Part-2: Cyber-Defence Modelled on Immune Systems[…]

Part-1: Why your cyber-defence spend is pretty much useless…

The Background We each individually spend thousands every year on cyber-defence to ensure our cyber security.  Enterprises spend, literally, millions of dollars annually protecting their data and business. So, logically, cyber-attack incidents should come down, right? At least critical incidents should show a significant downward trend, right? Right? I am sorry to say, both have Read more about Part-1: Why your cyber-defence spend is pretty much useless…[…]

Don’t Fall Into These Traps When Planning Your Automation Strategy

Author : Tejaswini Simha’s experience with test automation and some of the expectation challenges that need to be managed Knowledge of UI test automation tools is all that the test automation team needs Not to go into the should testers have programming skills debate – but programming is an essential skill if you need to Read more about Don’t Fall Into These Traps When Planning Your Automation Strategy[…]