Block Chain & QA

So much hype and buzz around bitcoins (the misnomer for blockchain), that one  forgets that blockchain extends to beyond just cryptocurrency, and is poised to be the new way that secure transaction applications can be built. In the first of Last Mile Consultant’s testing talks in the series Tete-A-Test, here is C Rajeshwar Rao or CRR as he is known as, expounding on the principles of blockchain, and how to test blockchain based applications. If you are a tester, test manager, test architect, developer, or just a plain blockchain enthusiast, then this one’s for you.

CRR, is the Founding Director of Spoole Systems Pvt Ltd, a Mobile eco-system solutions start-up, focusing on next-gen interfaces, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

He is currently evaluating Crypto-currencies and Tokens as alternate economic and financial tools for seamless cross-border transactions, investments, crowd-funding and financial inclusion.

He is  Blockchain architect — leveraging Blockchain and Crypto techniques to provide transparency and improve monitoring of fund flow in banking transactions

He has previously held leadership positions with – Nokia, Siemens and Tatas.

As an aside, he is also the author of a hi-tech political thriller “DEVIL’s ETHER

You can watch the video here