Automation Acceleration

Our client, a leading content delivery network services provider, was in the midst of a large number of changes in a major application portfolio that covered a suite of products. Their key brief was to extend the coverage of testing within their short 3 week sprint cycles.

We at Last Mile, helped them with the choice of the right product to undertake test automation, that integrated well their ALM tool-sets and also fitted in seamlessly into their Agile delivery cycles – with the necessary extensible capabilities to implement in-sprint automation. We built a robust test automation framework that allowed test specification in an easy manner and could be used by both technical and non-technical persons alike.

We provided a pragmatic automation approach, that strategized their automation through a risk based approach to automation, looking at their key business scenarios and creating reusable objects and modules across their different functions of Concept To Market, Lead To Cash, and Problem To Repair. We ensured that these scripts were automated early, and could run across different environments, thus saving them large chunks of time, and dramatically increasing the ROI quotients.

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