April 11, 2016

Agile Transformation

Adopting Agile results in a huge amount of effort being expended in terms of changing the way the organization is structured, how people interact with each other and their behavior within projects, the processes and tools that need to be adopted and last but not the least, the interactions between different stakeholders in terms of their involvement & commitment.
As the case of a client, who wished to transform their current engagements (some of which were “Agile”) to a consistent set of Agile practices across the entire organization. Although the initiative started from the stakeholders involved in testing, it soon spread to the other stakeholders too.

Starting Agile transformation from the point of view of test, led to a whole lot of issues that needed resolution like

  • Ensuring that testing teams were involved upfront in the decision making of what constitutes a set of requirements to be taken up for a sprint
  • Ensuring that test teams became important stakeholders in determining the risks involved with a release
  • Ensuring that the test team’s assessment of risk formed the basis of development

Over a period of time and a series of incremental changes, we the organization and teams are now in a position where they are seriously considering a move towards test driven development.